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Every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm the Strip club meets at Beinnein Kennels and we start grooming dogs.  We teach our members hand stripping of wire coated breeds.  All of our members groom and show their own dogs and have been having great success since starting with us almost a year ago.

However, this Wednesday, Strip club didn’t turn out as planned. We were meeting for the first time in our new Grooming Spa area, rather than the Boarding Kennel or Daycare area we have used in the past. Our early bird Lori Smith made it out with MacDuff the Norwich Terrier shortly after 6pm.  But within minutes, the rest of the group started messaging that they were staying home because of weather. Ryan and Lori continued grooming their dogs but within a few minutes the weather hit and the wind decided to try to remove the buildings. At that point, they both started working on MacDuff to finish topping off her coat quickly, Ryan trimmed her toenails and loaded Lori into the car. I hear that she had a hairy trip home in the storm.

Lori came to us as a complete beginner, MacDuff is her first dog. She has been grooming her completely on her own and is doing a great job hand stripping and showing her as well. We are very proud of Lori’s progress. She has MacDuff’s coat coming along well.  MacDuff is starting to get a nice rolled coat. Terriers that are shown on a frequent basis need to be hand stripped on a regular and consistent basis, this modern form of stripping is called rolling the coat, as opposed to the old English version of stripping were the coat is staged.  We teach both methods at Strip club but the majority want to learn to roll their wire coated breeds. Lori now has another puppy Smitty and we are looking forward to great things for them both. 

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