Scottish Terrier

One of the oldest and most recognized of the terriers. He is described as a big dog in a small package. He usually weighs about 20 lb. and stands 10 inches at the shoulders. They come in Black, gray, wheaten and brindle or grizzled colors. They have a typical wire haired terrier coat which is considered non shedding and to many people does not trigger allergies. He has a solid low-set appearance almost like a battleship in the water. He walks with a definite swagger and carries himself with dignity. Often remaining aloof but tolerant of the rest of the world.
I’ve spent my whole life with scotties and to be honest I don’t even want to imagine being without one. They have more character than any other dog I’ve ever met, in fact I almost think they’re human some times. They have empathy, they have sympathy, they think the world was created for them and if they feel slighted in any way they will show their unhappiness. They can hold a grudge for days, literally turning their back on or ignoring someone who has displeased them. A scotties heart is not given lightly, it has to be earned and to those who have achieved this honor there is no more loyal, loving friend in the world. A friend who unerringly knows what mood you are in and what they should do to fit into your life at the moment.
They can be comical and affectionate with a reserve and independence that can be surprising and every one is an individual and that can be one of their greatest charms.
They are an extremely intelligent dog, but that said don’t expect them to do things on demand, some do, but these are the exception rather than the norm. They’ll learn a trick quickly and you think they’ve got it down pat(and they do) so you want to show it off to your guests and suddenly scottie has forgotten everything until the last guest is shutting the door, you’ll turn to look at him and he’ll be doing the trick as nice as you please with a little curl at the corner of his lips almost like a smile. They can do almost anything as long as they think they are doing it for their own reasons.

They are a brave dog that will not back down from a challenge but they are not bullies.. Many scotties seem to have a regal bearing that almost seems to place them above the rest of the canine world and yet even into old age they seem ready to play at the first invitation.

This is a breed that collects lifetime fans. If you are fortunate enough to count a scottie as one of your friends, the odds are very strong you will never be without one again.