What to bring

As you prepare for your pets holiday, we have a few suggestions for what you need to bring to make the stay more comfortable. Every pet has a routine at home that they have come to expect. Ex: If they get cookies at breakfast or before going to bed it would be best to send some cookies to be given at these times.

The List: Regular food – this includes dry/canned/frozen/home-cooked/ whatever your pet is fed at home and send enough for the stay and some extra, we find with the extra exercise some dogs need to eat a little more to maintain their weight and you might be late returning. We do have a fridge, freezer and microwave in the kennel for pet food. It is best to bring the pets own food so that they don’t experience a tummy upset from a change in diet. Please do not bring dishes, we supply stainless steel dishes as this allows us to keep the dishes sterilized. If your dog needs to bring his “special plate” please contact us and we will try to accomodate his needs.

Cookies, treats – we do give cookies at bedtime and occasionally during the day and if your pet does not have allergies we will probably give them our cookies/treats at that time. If your pet does have allergies or they only like a special treat then it would be best if you send some so that they can have a treat when the other dogs are getting one.

A record of what food you feed your pet, how much and when. What treats your pet gets, how many and when, any health issues or other issues you think we should be aware of and how you would like us to deal with them

Bedding – blankets and beds are accepted, please make sure that the bed is fully washable so that we can wash it when needed. If your dog has a tendency to eat beds we would prefer you don’t bring bedding and that you warn us so that we don’t give them one.

Toys – we accept toys and will endeavor to return them to you but like beds, if you really want it back it is probably best if you don’t bring it to the kennel.

Vet record – all shots need to be up to date and we need to record your vet’s information on your pets file in case of an emergency. The only exception we make on shots is if the vet has taken Titre levels and writes a letter stating this.

An emergency contact number – this can be a friend or family member or it can be the cell phone number you will have with you.


Medications – remember to bring any medications your pet will need during his stay. If you forget something, we will probably have what you need in our store. Toys, treats, bedding are all sold at reasonable prices.