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We offer a full service Grooming boutique and spa, appointments can be arranged throughout your pets stay.

Our groomers are capable of looking after all types of coats including wire coats and full-length coated breeds. We are experts at grooming terriers and can maintain the color and texture of the coat for pets. They can prepare and maintain these coats for show if desired. We also make your pet look and feel his best.

You should try our rake and bath service for Collies, Shepherds, Husky and lab type coats. This is the correct way to groom these coats and it removes all of the dead hair leaving the dog shiny & cooler. It will reduce shedding in the house and will leave him looking his best.

Talk to our staff about our full service grooming, arrange a day at the spa for your canine companion. A soak in the tub, a massage, a new do and nails will leave your pet feeling like new. Our staff of groomers can give your dog that Best in Show look. Ask for a quote on your next stay.