Beinnein Kennels was registered with the Canadian Kennel Club in March of 1969. We obtained our original scotty from Mr. John Devlin of Thornhill Ontario, who was a very well known and respected breeder and judge. It wasn’t very long before we too became successful in the show ring producing some of Canada’s top scotties and achieving permanent registration status for the name Beinnein (a highly coveted and difficult to obtain award at that time). Many of Canada’s top breeders have obtained dogs from us.

Darle continued to show and groom scotties throughout her teens and worked at different times as an assistant to some of Canada’s top professional handlers such as Susanne and Allan Hearne.

We have 2 breeds now, we added the Wire Fox Terriers when son Ryan began raising and showing his own dogs. We are a family of dog lovers, now in the 3rd generation of raising and showing dogs.

Darle is now a dog show judge and a dog artist who is producing limited edition prints, winning awards and illustrating dog books.

We continue to strive to produce puppies of quality, temperament and health who are excellent representatives of their breed in the ring and in their homes. We occasionally have puppies, young show stock, some of whom are finished and older dogs for sale. We are always willing to answer questions and to assist in any way we can.

In hiring staff for our kennel, we strive to find people who are also dog breeders, exhibitors or trainers and as committed to dogs as we are. Our staff have also been trained in Pet First Aid and CPR. We are proud of our excellent people.

Showing and caring for dogs has been a lifetime affair for our family. The following pictures show 3 generations of our family both dogs and people.