About Us

Border CollieOur kennel has been designed with the health, safety and comfort of your pet in mind.

Our staff are trained in Pet First Aid and emergency CPR

We have installed a commercial quality water filtration system and all pets drink filtered water which is changed several times during the day. We have found that this reduces stomach upset and keeps the pets comfortable and drinking adequately. We suggest that families bring their pet’s food and instructions for feeding. We try to prepare the food as you would at home and serve it on a similar schedule following your instructions. We find that this reduces stomach upset and stress.


We try to minimize exposure to harmful chemicals. The building is disinfected daily with a Commercial quality high pressure steam washer. The floors and the walls inside the building have been tiled with a non-porous tile that can be sterilized. We are able to clean and sterilize all surfaces inside and outside the kennel on a daily basis. All gravel areas have been dug out 6 feet, sloped away from the building and refilled with smooth drainage gravel. Smooth gravel is comfortable on the dogs feet and this design allows us to wash the gravel and keep all outside areas clean and sterile. We also have some cement poured runs for those dogs who eat gravel.


Dogs are allowed constant access to private indoor and outdoor areas during the day, except when outdoor weather makes this unwise or if you instruct otherwise. In that case, our staff will let the dogs in and out frequently throughout the day, keeping everyone comfortable and safe. The buildings are heated with infrared radiant heaters that run the length of the buildings.
ExampleThis heat is similar to the heat of the sun. It heats the floors and objects within the buildings, the floors are always a comfortable temperature. It also has the added advantage that it keeps older dogs more comfortable and mobile. And, as the air is not heated the heat lost through doors is minimized and we are able to keep the dogs warmer even when they are going in and out during cold weather.

The kennels are chain link outside and have solid walls inside. While they are outside, the dogs can see each other and as dogs are pack animals and social by nature they enjoy the interaction and the ability to see what is going on.  The solid walls inside provide a private area for sleeping and eating. Some people find that it is somewhat noisy when dogs are arriving or leaving but they settle down quickly and are less stressed. People who bring their dogs out on a regular basis say they find the dogs are excited to be coming to the kennel and they find them relaxed and happy on pickup.

We have a separate area for small dogs and a separate sunny area for cats upstairs away from the dogs, again in an attempt to reduce stress and make your pets stay more enjoyable. Every run comes with a raised bed and many people bring a blanket from home to put on top of the bed. This gives a little extra comfort and some smells from home (assuming your pet doesn’t chew beds and blankets). We have an LG steam washer & dryer to wash beds and sterilize bedding should it need cleaning during your pets stay with us.

We emphasize lots of exercise and the dogs love to get out and stretch their legs in the large grassed paddocks, playing and chasing up and down the fences with dogs in paddocks on each side or they can spend time with a play buddy if you prefer. The dogs are taken for frequent visits to the play yards, weather permitting.

All of our outside yards have shade tents and dog houses for protection from the sun and the sudden weather changes Calgary is famous for. Although, we do try to get the dogs back into the building from the exercise yards as quickly as possible during any storms.

We have planned for emergencies, we have a commercial plow to keep the road clear during the winter. We have installed commercial generators and should the power go out, all of the buildings will continue to have light, heat and water. We have a commercial filtration system for the water and a large underground storage system that holds enough water for more than a week, we are also connected to 2 independent wells for a constant supply of fresh water. We have a large volume of Acana and Orijen dog food stored on site. It is all natural, grain free and produced in Alberta from human grade ingredients. We deal with a 24 hour emergency vet clinic and have developed a good working relationship with them and should we need them, they are not too far away.

There is music playing 24 hours a day, there are people on site 24 hours a day. There are normally 3 – 6 people working at the kennel at any given time and a total of 35 runs. This gives us the opportunity to care for all of your pets needs both physically and mentally and get to know them well.
We look forward to getting to know your pets.